About Niche Handmade

Niche Handmade brings new, unique, and otherwise undiscovered products from independent Makers directly to savvy, forward-thinking, modern shoppers.

Our Core Values: We get the pleasure of joining forces with the hardest working, most authentic, unpretentious, and savvy entrepreneurs, innovators, and Makers out there.  Our mission is to mimic these values in the production of our events by creating an inclusive market community rooted in grit, hard work, and respect for everyone we work with.  


Niche Handmade is run by a visionary leadership team with combined experience ranging from wholesale show production to retails markets drawing tens of thousands. They walk the walk and talk the talk. They’ve done the market research, garnered masters degrees, cut their teeth in the show world and have been taught by the best. They’ve built a company the same way you have – through blood, sweat, tears, sacrifice, late nights, hard work and an unwavering belief in their vision. Niche Handmade is a proud member of the LKB Enterprise Inc. 

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what niche is:

Niche Handmade is all the things you crave. Niche Handmade is honest and gritty. Niche Handmade is more than just a market – it’s the new frontier of shows in the gift and home industry.

what niche ISN'T:

If Niche Handmade were a bar, it would be that off-the-beaten-path gem that only the locals know about; where the food is farm to table and the cocktails and brews are craft. French fries are hand cut and the waiter just finished a year backpacking Europe. It’s not intimidating, but is professional. There is no corporate structure, but there is a line, young and old, out the door waiting for a table. It’s the experience that sucks you in. Niche­ Handmade isn’t your traditional show.  You may want to bring your own tote bag since those may not be in the budget yet. Niche Handmade isn’t what you expect but everything you want.

Niche Handmade Merry Market November 30th
@ the Sancturary Plainfield IL
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