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January 20, 2018






Meet Kasia Rothe - CEO and Maker of RUSTIC MAKA  Natural deodorants…armpits…body odor… it all started us as, "deodorant girls," and healthy ways to take care of your underarms. In recent months, we have added multi-tasking products that can go from underarm exfoliation to a facial mask or from moisturizer to an eye make-up remover. Our main focus are products with versatility to simplify body care. 


Q: Please tell us a great story about your business, your experiences and the gritty back-story of your journey and why your business or products are your passion.


A: Growing up in Warsaw, Poland, alongside my sisters Monica and Alex, was always filled with family gatherings, home cooked meals and camping trips. We spend our summers in the country picking dandelions and splashing in the pond, and cooler months on making fruit preserves and lots of care-free play. We were raised simply and being connected to each other and nature was part of our everyday life. Our mom, Anna, a nurse at a local hospital, had a passion for holistic approach to medicine. When one of us was sick or hurt, often she was able to come up with a natural remedy to make us feel better. We were continuously taught that earth has an abundant amount of what our bodies need, either through food or body care.

Since coming to the United States, my knowledge and life lessons passed on by mom became my basic tool kit for how I raise my family. When Michigan became my new home, it also became a perfect backdrop to continue my pursuit of natural remedies and a simple life that my mom had instilled in me. When conventional products on today’s market failed to perform or contained questionable components, I took it upon myself to find a solution that's made with healthy ingredients.

Out of this necessity I created Pachy natural deodorant, which quickly became a product that provided my family and myself with an answer to an unpleasant problem. I often joke that it is like my third child, made with passion, desire and lots of love. Without any plans for a business, I realized I have something, created with high quality ingredients, that simply delivers results and I need to share it with others.


Q: What has been your biggest success?


A:This is a very difficult question to answer, as we truly live for every moment that comes our way. Rustic MAKA was never an overnight success. Our success comes from working hard, taking small steps and succeeding at them, one at a time. Every step that propels us forward is met with joy. Every step that sets us back, is a humble lesson to learn. We take time to savor each customer comment, we take pride in every new retail location we gain, we cherish every magazine we are featured in, we thrive during every event we are included in, we jump for joy with every award we are given. To single out one moment that “put us on the map,” is almost unfair, so maybe the biggest success for us is getting up every day, good or bad, moving forward, working hard and not giving up.


Q: What has been your biggest struggle?


A: Our social media did not have an easy start. At the beginning, it was like an irksome chore that needed constant attention and care. We often described our efforts as throwing a dart and aiming at the bull’s eye…sometimes it hit, sometimes it didn’t. And with a business run by two very busy moms, it took time and patience to figure out our voice and intertwine social media into our daily routine. Today, social media has become our escape, our history in the making, our timeline being preserved for generations to come. The task has become a pleasure and a way to share our joys and struggles with everyone. We share our daily lives and in return, we’ve gained much needed support, received personal stories of success and joyful comments from happy customers. It’s our way to give customers a glimpse into our lives as entrepreneurs. It’s not about the likes or follows. It’s about interactions with real people, and knowing what we do makes a difference for so many.




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